Hey everyone, I’m Ashley…well, ONE of the Ashley’s anyway. I play Marco Polo – What’s it like singing opera in a train station you ask? It actually feels pretty normal… in fact, within the first 5 mins of our first rehearsal at Union Station, I had broken down any awkward boundaries and decided to just go with the flow. On that first day, Yuval (our fearless leader) asked us to each take a prop into the station and have some kind of interaction or moment with it. ┬áIt was his goal to get us slowly adapted to our surroundings and what it would feel like to perform among the everyday travelers and regulars at Union Station. I decided to take a flag with Japanese characters on it into the station and wave it back and forth. I walked proudly with this flag raised in the air, my eyes fixed on it with admiration and some strange mixture of joy and giddy delight (I don’t know…hey, we were improving, give a tenor a break here!) I had only taken a few steps when a passenger approached me and asked what the flag actually said…without hesitating or breaking character I smiled with the same strange joy and delight in my eyes and said “I have no idea whatsoever!” The guy looked very puzzled and even a little scared. A few moments later I was standing in the middle of the south garden staring at my flag once more when I heard a woman approaching me. She was cursing and yelling about Obama and then something about OJ Simpson (lady don’t get me started! oy vey). I decided to stand my ground and continue my “scene”. I could hear this woman getting closer and closer until she was right behind me. That’s when she stopped, took notice of me and my beloved flag (what in the world DID it say after all?) and decided that I was CRAZIER than she was and went quietly in the other direction! That’s when I knew we were all in for a wild and fun ride!