The OTHER Tenor…


Hey, Folks. I’m Stephen Anastasia, the OTHER tenor in Invisible Cities. Since Ashley started by talking about interactions in the Station, I’ll relate one of mine.
We start out in the Station in street clothes, trying as well as we can to blend into the scenery. On the night of our first full run-through, I was seated next to one of the Stations “residents”. Oblivious to the fact that I was about to perform, he regaled me with a story of how he needed $20 for a train fare to Lancaster. As a starving artist, I didn’t have the money to give him, and on top of that, didn’t have my wallet as I was “in costume”. I told him I didn’t have any money, which he responded to by asking for a quarter. I explained that if I had a quarter, I’d give it to him, but alas, I had absolutely no cash. Putting my in ear monitor back in, I got back “into character” as the Overture was starting.  My first singing lines is one of the first in the Opera, and is a disjointed duet with Cale Olson, the Ensemble Baritone, where we finish each other’s words. Without accompaniment, it is an understatement to say it is weird. Well, the poor fellow next to me just freaked out. He leaned over to the guy next to him and said, “Somthin’ wrong with this dude!” Then to me, “You OK, Man?? Tell me, tell me!! Just TELL me!” As I was in performance mode, I had to just ignore him and keep singing. This is no proscenium stage production.

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